Since 1975

Providing Tailor-Made Recruitment Solutions

Delivering to the Recruitment needs of the Middle-East Region for over “THREE DECADE”

An achievement of eighty thousand (80000) JOB PLACEMENT

Many recruitment companies can help new hire in the door; the real value is in finding a recruitment partner that can help you get your required talent. ALFA helps you find and deploy the best talent for all skill levels.

ALFA knows that an intelligent recruiting strategy goes well beyond just filling vacancies; our extensive databases enable our clients too rapidly, accurately and confidently acquire qualified applicants without the need for costly and time-consuming process. Also our pre-selection process insures that only relevant CV’s areort-listed as per the clients needs are short-listed .

            ALFA has an extensive reach globally, and our regional/associated  offices  based through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Philippines and Bangladesh give us an edge over other companies. ALFA serves as a one stop recruitment solution that furnishes to all the recruitment needs put forward by clients.